X-Ray Inspection Systems
As with the Vidisco Flat foX-17, the Vidisco foX-Rayzor Flat Panel System is truly unique - it has the thinnest digital imager every produced at just 13mm thin, is fully battery operated, has only one connecting cable handling all data and power requirements, an imaging area right down to the bottom of the housing and right over to the edge, provides 14 bit images, has a built-in handle and is tripod mountable.

Both the Vidisco Flat foX-17 and foX-Rayzor Flat Panel Systems translate into a true revolution for industrial, security and veterinarian applications, or anyone doing field X-rays looking for high quality of images rivaling or even surpassing what could once be achieved with film, that can now be achieved in just seconds with a real time system.


Flat foX - 17 Portable Inspection System
The Vidisco Flat foX-17 systems are the first in the world that encompass the incredible resolution (10 times more than any CCD based system) and dynamic range (14 bit systems offering 64 times more than any CCD based System) of flat panel technology, packaged into just one small Pelican carrying case. This case houses all systems components including a 150kV battery operated pulsed X-ray source allowing for full 100% field operation and portability.
foX - Rayzor Portable Inspection System
The foX-Rayzor sets new standards for a lightweight, thin imager and compact unit. The panel provides superb resolution of over 3.5 lp/mm and excellent dynamic range of 14 bits. Like its bigger brother, the Flat foX-17, the complete system including the X-ray source is housed in just one case, is fully battery operated providing up to 5 hours on one battery charge, and can be driven with 110/220 AC power or external DC (when using a common inverter).
foXray2 - Portable Inspection System
The latest generation foXrayII Portable PC Based X-ray Inspection System provides the most sophisticated and versatile X-ray system available today based on an imager with CCD technology. No other product can provide the same wide range of unique software, accessories, options and features, with all equipment being fully interchangeable in the field.
foX - Trekker - Portable X-Ray
Vidisco foX Trekker is a uniquely designed lightweight system for Special Forces, Commando Operations, or anyone who needs an extremely small X-ray system that can be packaged in a small backpack, including the X-ray Source. The complete compact Portable PC Based X-ray Inspection System is housed in a comfortable, specially designed backpack that holds all the components necessary to operate the system.

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