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NDS 2000 Hand-Held Narcotics Detection
In demand around the world, the NDS-2000 is a reliable drug detection
device for combating trafficking and enforcing the law. If portability, ease of use, reliability and cost-effective operation are critical, then this drug detector is the answer.
NDS 2000 Hand-Held Narcotics Detection
Operating the NDS-2000 A sample is obtained from a suspected
article using a cotton glove.The sample is then transferred to a screen which is
inserted into the sampling port. The NDS-2000 then processes the sample
immediately and provides a detailed analysis in seconds. All results are indicated
on the LCD and by a volumeadjustable audio alarm, making detection a simple one-step process.
  Cost-effective,  Portable, Easy to Use, Flexible Power Sources, Sensitive and Selective, No Radioactive Source