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Walk - Through Metal Detectors
Walk-Through metal detectors are vital to the success of every security checkpoint installation because they offer uniform scanning of harmful metal while providing improved patron throughput. That's why we've developed a complete line of walk-through units that offer you improved sensitivity, discrimination and ease of operation. From our basic CS 5000 model to our most advanced DSP-based 33-zoned pinpoint PD 6500i, you're assured the same level of quality and performance that has made Garrett detectors the most sought after name in metal detection around the world.


PD 6500i Walk-Through Metal Detector
The PD 6500i is the world's highest performing walk-through metal detector and leads the industry with superior pinpoint technology and unmatched discrimination and sensitivity features. Designed for maximum patron throughput without compromising safety, the PDi is the walk-through of choice for security professionals worldwide.
Magnascanner MT 5500 Walk-Through Metal Detector
The MT 5500 is one of the world's most popular walk-though metal detectors because it provides maximum throughput with unparalleled multi-dimensional scanning. The MT 5500 meets the demanding needs of security professionals worldwide who trust its ability to maintain a high flow rate with minimal alarms.

Magnascanner CS 5000 Walk-Through Metal Detector
With enhanced microprocessor-based technology, the CS 5000 provides improved detection performance and increased operating flexibility. It offers many of the same features found on our advanced walk-through units and can be used in virtually any security checkpoint application. The CS 5000 is an affordable unit for the budget-conscious.
MS 3500 Walk-Through Metal Detector
The highly rugged MS 3500 walk-through unit is designed for use in jails, prisons and other high security facilities and offers maximum metal detection performance with minimum maintenance. It is built to withstand outside weather conditions and rough handling while maintaining Garrett's highest quality of metal detection.
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