American Chariot ®™

The American Chariot is a revoluntionary new take on a tried and true concept. With applications to a wide range of law enforcement and security environments, The American Chariot is designed to deliver powerful benefits that improve response times, increase personnel safety, enhance performance, and much, much more.

The American Chariot was designed to be an efficient personal transportation option for a wide range of applications. Built using the highly stable, classic three-point chariot design (with a front whell replacing the traditional horse), coupled with thoroughly modern engineering and heavy-duty construction, the Chariot is a tough vehicle for a tough job. From speed and maneuverability, to reliability and low operating, the Chariot delivers the widest range of features and benefits of any personal transportation option.


All Chariots come with a high performance magnetic motor with a sealed bearing system. Power is transfered using a dual rear-whell drive with synchronized belt drive system and includes a heavy duty rear whell brake and parking brake. Batteries are zero maintenance, quick change rechargeable power packs. The classic has a 450 pound capacity built on a sturdy welded steel frame and is customizable to your specific needs
Law Enforcement
The Law Enforcement Chariot allows your officers to project authority by standing above the crowd or responsd quickly where needed and be faster in persuit. Achieve superior visibilty - see and be seen, maintain your strength by arriving at the scene without fatigue and build rapport with the community by connectioning as an individual and not as a security vehicle.
Chariot PTV
The American Chariot Personal Transport Vehicle (PTV) is a revolutionary new variation on a tried and true concept. A component of the U.S. Army's TARDEC's National Automotive Center's Personal Soldier Mobility Program, The American Chariot PTV is designed to provide innovative, dynamic and efficient new personal soldier transportation options for the armed services.
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